The Stars This Week: Jupiter In Gemini And The Cardinal T-Square

"cardinal t-square"

It’s tight. That’s how the energy feels to me right now. Tight. Can you move? Can you breathe? What or who is oppressing you? Is it you?

Jupiter enters Gemini tomorrow so your expansion does indeed begin in that sector of your chart (where will you grow? what will you do?) but otherwise?

Mercury in Cancer is applying in opposition to Pluto and in square to Uranus and tomorrow it is exact so this means you’ve been feeling it and I bet you feel it today, especially if you have planets at those degrees and those degrees are too early to be sitting on my Cancer planets but the energy is there.

I count energy almost as much as I count orbs and what I’m feeling now is a small sense of dread and I’m planning relief for this.

What’s the wisdom here? I don’t think you can ignore or escape this feeling (even though the Moon is in Pisces now) but since Pluto is involved you can transform it. And since Uranus is involved, it’s a good idea to get moving (Uranus is fast) and since Mercury and Cancer are involved, talk to people about how you feel.

Transform, yes. Move your body, yes. Cry, yes. But no escape. Mercury is done trining NeptuneΒ and still has yet to exactly trine Chiron. It hurts a little to get where you need to go but get there you must and you will.

Later this week the Sun in Gemini trines Saturn in Libra. Will this be a reward? A gift of some kind after ALL your hard Saturn in Libra work? Don’t get your hopes up says Saturn πŸ˜‰ but consider it a sign nonetheless, a big SATURN sign (oh joy!)


Yes! I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the New Moon in Gemini!

Astrology Readings!Β 



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