The Stars This Week: Independence Day

"mars in libra"

I was visiting my Cancer Sun-Aries Moon friend this afternoon. Ex-boyfriend, actually, who has been campaigning for my return.

Everyone I spend time with these days is a study in astrology for me . How Cancer is he really? How does the Aries manifest? He also has Mars in Aries. No birth time for him but a couple years ago he gave me one. I think he made it up. Or that his mother said “mid-afternoon” so I was working with a 2:30pm-ish birth time and I think it fits. Gives him Scorpio Rising and he is a control freak. Gives him Moon and Mars in the 6th House. And he is a control freak πŸ˜‰

And speaking of control, the older I get the more freedom I want. There was a time, not that long ago, when… how to put it. Β Let me put it this way. It’s interesting. To me. That I feel that I’ve changed in a short-ish amount of time and that he hasn’t. He has the same dream, the same ideal. He’s still looking for that one to fill the glass slipper. He is willing to modify the dream but only so much. I’m not the girl he used to know. I’m not the girl from 5 years ago.

Mars enters Libra this week, same day as the Full Moon in Capricorn (conjunct Pluto). Feels like fireworks to me which figures because the next day is Independence Day here at home.

And I have this sneaky feeling that Mars in Libra is going to add fuel to the bonfire of your Saturn in Libra issues. Growing up in relationship. Figuring out what you truly want. Defining your terms. Setting limits. Integrity. Not lying to yourself or anyone else.

Independence. What does that word mean to you?

When I think Libra, I think “compromise,” and “seeing the other side,” and “harmony” and “peace at any price,” and other famous phrases and words but… independence isn’t one of them.

With Mars in Libra, your focus moves away from the Virgoan need for order and towards… somebody else.

Remember this though: Mars is war and Libra is “nice.” Extreme attempts at peacemaking this month could make you ill as Mars squares Cancer, opposes Aries, squares Capricorn…

From who or what will you seek your freedom ?Β 

Love, MP

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