The Stars This Week! Goodbye Old Life

"venus retrograde in gemini"

First, some big picture stuff:

Venus stations retrograde tomorrow at 23 Gemini.

Is this an important degree in your chart? Take a look! Keep this degree in mind.

If you are all convulsed about some Venus issue, trust that you will find clarity. You may already have found it. These weeks though… this retrograde period, is the glue AND the test. Why? Because Venus is trine Saturn, both retrograde (well, Venus is rx tomorrow) but we’ll also get the trine with both of them direct in late July.

Venus trine Saturn LASTS.

If something feels wobbly-solid to you now… trust that it will feel solid-solid soon enough. She loves you or she loves you not. That’s it. It will be decided once and for all. Can you feel this?


Wednesday: Mars is trine Pluto, but consider this energy already yours and active. Virgo to Capricorn, 8/9 degrees. Virgo is the job. Mars is the guts. Pluto is the die trying.

Taurus makes it a Grand Trine so check your chart for early degrees of Taurus and honestly? Taurus energy ITSELF is brought onto the field here so I don’t really care fuck all about degrees for this but, of course, the tighter the  numbers, the better (so they say!)

My Saturn is at 19 Taurus, too high for a Grand Trine but I can still apply Saturn to any Mars Pluto event in my life this week.


Sunday is the Eclipse at 0 Gemini.

Mercury will be at 21 Taurus, Venus still at 23 Gemini, Mars at 10 Virgo, Jupiter at 24 Taurus, Saturn at 23 Libra Rx, Uranus at 7 Aries, Neptune at 3 Pisces, Pluto Rx at 9 Capricorn.

Late degrees of the fixed signs, early degrees of the mutable signs, this Eclipse is for you. And I consider Mercury and Jupiter in those late Taurus degrees to be conjunct the Eclipse.

What does all this mean? Means the news may travel slowly. But the news will be big. It will change your life as it speaks sweetly to you, whispering in your ear: Pssst. Hey. Have I got something FOR YOU. A beginning and an end. Goodbye goodbye old life.

Are you making predictions?


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