The Stars This Week: Generous & Free

Let’s be specific: on June 3rd, Mercury is trine both Saturn and Neptune, and then on June 7th, Venus does the same, trining both Saturn and Neptune.

Personal planets connecting sweetly to the outer planets is like… a Tarot spread with minor and major arcana cards and all the cards are good cards: what’s happening now for you is fated and big picture, but you can also enjoy the details.

For example, let’s say you need to take a trip, for business or pleasure, and the trip is part of your big picture this summer, well, you can enjoy searching for that good deal. AND you’ll find that good deal.

I consider this entire week to be under this influence. A week long Grand Trine. Under THE influence. Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. WATER. Intuition. Feeling. Floating. Healing. Music of the spheres! Yes, we’re soaking in it 🙂 The more reserved among us may even shed a tear or two, not out of sadness or feeling bad but because it just feels good! You may be moved. You may be very VERY moved.

Also on the 7th, Neptune in Pisces goes underwater (i.e. retrograde) and then on the 8th is the New Moon in Gemini, cherry on a sweet week.

Grand Trines are blessings, are gifts. Some among us will receive. For others it will be business as usual. And still for others, this much water will be a drag, but I think overall there’s a greater chance for GRACE than usual. Mercy. Not because we “deserve” it, but because we are.

What does Neptune retrograde mean for you? People are wondering if the retrograde will make their Neptune problems even MORE confusing. My feeling (at the moment!) is that more insights are gained by Neptune going back and that it’s necessary.

Pay more attention to your dreams, your imagination, your fantasy, your ideals. I suggest getting a little lost in wherever Neptune is transiting in your chart.

You really don’t have to push so damn hard all the damn time. What is it bringing you? Sleep more this week. Dream more this week and set your intentions for the New Moon.

Love, MP


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