"south node in pisces" A new video is up on my Facebook business page. You don’t need to be a Facebook member to see the videos. Here is the link. Tarot for Tomorrow, Monday, Feb 15, which is actually today as I type this.

The big news this week:

Venus enters Aquarius and the Sun enters Pisces.

MOST of the astrology is the Moon. I mean, I’m looking at my book here and I don’t think there are any major aspects except from the Moon, which is interesting. We could think: oh this is a quiet week, just a bunch of moody bitches, but NO. It’s a huge shift from Aquarius Season to Pisces Season and with Mercury and Venus still in Aquarius (having just entered Aquarius!)

What does this mean for you? Well that depends on your chart, what it means for you precisely, but in the meantime know this: that Pisces Season is the end of the astrological year and next month we have the spring Eclipses and… END OF CYCLE.

So why did you not draw the TENS, MoonPluto? Should we not see the Ten of Something or Other? Cups, et al? Or the World? Well, my friends, maybe tomorrow. Maybe the day after. But for now there’s work to do. REMEMBER that Aquarius is ruled by both Uranus AND Saturn. There is work to do. 

Dear Dear Pisces, Dear Pisces Neptune 12th House person: this season is for YOU. For your boundaries. To grow them, let them grow up tall and strong. NORTH NODE IS IN VIRGO, PEOPLE. SOUTH NODE IN PISCES. Let me make myself perfectly clear: this is our first Pisces Season with the South Node in Pisces. If you are not careful, dear Pisces Neptune 12th House person, you will sit by the window, reading your Kierkegaard, mascara running down your face, and, well, I just won’t have it. I WILL NOT. I want you to follow Jupiter (even though retrograde) and follow the North Node and STOP THIS LONGING. It is not appropriate now. It is not appropriate. Not now. It shall be again, but not now. NORTH NODE IN VIRGO.

Any questions? You know how to find me. 


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