The Stars This Week: Compulsion + Mastery of Fire

"saturn in sagittarius"It is possible to regret every moment.

To review something from your past VENUS IS RETROGRADE and regret every moment every stupid decision every misfire of those years VENUS IS RETROGRADE we are supposed to look back, self-recrimination NOT required.

I wrote on my Facebook Timeline just now:

No one’s love life is going to make sensewhile Venus is retrograde so don’t even try.
But notice what I said. No one’s love life is going to MAKE SENSE.
SENSE really isn’t Cupid’s jam 😉 
You want sense? Then you’ve never loved.

The Stars This Week:

Monday has come and gone but astrology lovers know that today was the exact Jupiter Saturn square. Jupiter heading OUT of Leo. And Saturn now direct also on the move, out of Scorpio (thank God). Pisces Moon. Moon in Aries NOW.

"venus square saturn" Tuesday: Venus Jupiter conjunction with VENUS RETROGRADE. Stop trying to make sense of love. Venus Jupiter loves life. Do not let this feeling be dependent on anything you currently do not have.

This fits here (also from my Facebook):

You have a role to play with everyone. And this is okay.
It would be helpful if you would stop trying to force roles. Know what I mean?
Stop trying to force people into the roles you would prefer and instead take a look at what is being offered to you.
You may miss an amazing opportunity because of this habit.
See, the Tarot Court isn’t only Kings. There are Queens, Knights, Pages too. Everyone has a role. Everyone has each role within her/him.

Wednesday: now we have the Venus Saturn square plus a slew of Moon in Aries aspects, mostly trines and squares.
Thursday: and now we have the Mercury Saturn square BUT we also have a Mars Saturn trine and a Mercury Venus conjunction.
Friday: MERCURY ENTERS VIRGO  (Sorry Leos…)

So, my friends, my star gazers, the dominating energy of this week is THE SQUARE — these Saturn squares. Jupiter, Venus, Mercury.

"venus square saturn"Squares compel us TO MOVE because they are uncomfortable. They stretch us too much but just enough. Too much but just enough. Just enough and TOO MUCH. Back to that astrological cliche of the person who has so many trines that they become lazy (i.e. too much Venus). Which do you prefer? Yeah, me too. Too many trines (ha).

Let us return for a moment to the natal chart of CHAMPION Ronda Rousey:

The other day I was talking about Ms Rousey’s natal Venus and Saturn — how serious masterful Saturn is going to sit on that carefree Venus (could be a serious relationship coming in) and her Saturn Return is coming during Saturn in Sag –BUT I forgot to mention she also has wild URANUS in wild Sagittarius. In fact, Venus Uranus is the closer conjunction. I was so excited about the fight with Bethe Correia that I clearly overlooked important chart details.

Rousey’s Sag stellium (Saturn Uranus Venus) squares her Jupiter Moon conjunction in psychic PISCES. These are two of the most spiritual signs in my humble opinion even though Sagittarius often pretends otherwise 😉 hiding behind “logic.”

This week’s key word: COMPULSION 
This week’s other keyword: MASTERY 
Quoting Rachel Pollack’s New Tarot Handbook on the Queen of Wands: 

“This Queen is confident, strong, happy. The essential quality of the queen is mastery, and she is the master of Fire, the feminine part of complete confidence.

Wands are sexual energy, and in the Rider she is famously the most sexual of the queens, for she sits with her legs apart.”

"ronda rousey astrology"There is only one Ronda of course — but there is also only one YOU.

I’m not naive about astrology or hard transits and yet I feel these are CELEBRATORY squares. Maybe that’s the Leo. Or Saturn in Scorpio LEAVING. Or maybe I am naive. But maybe, just maybe, there’s something here for you, this week.

Something very Leo Scorpio — ruthless, relentless, and BRAVE.


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