The Stars This Week: Chiron Matters

"saturn in scorpio"Not all astrologers consider Chironย in their blog posts and books and readings, but I do, and many do, and Chiron stationing direct on the 14th matters and not just because we can’t really separate Neptune from Chiron these days but because Chiron matters in and of himself and I’m no Chiron scholar, but I know what I feel and I use him in my readings to identify “that which is too painful to talk about.”

I remember recently reading my favorite astrologer Howard Sasportas and him talking about our being able to repair Saturn problems but Chiron? Wounds that reopen and seep. Tears.

We may be tempted to overlook Chiron this week but we should not.

Mercury Retrograde is confusing us. Tomorrow’s eclipse in Scorpio may blast us with emotional intensity. Or, alternately, root us where we belong.

Neptune back on track, direct, but with Chiron by his side: where the pain originates or who it truly belongs to feel be maddeningly elusive. You may take on collective aches and you should not.

Chiron doesn’t just hurt. Chiron heals. I have to believe this as Neptune and Chiron link fins ๐Ÿ™‚ and swim forward in my chart, both conjunct my North Node, a few degrees from my descendent.

Where is 4 degrees Pisces in your chart?ย 


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