The Stars This Week: Cancer Sun Capers!

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In other news:

An interesting week for the Cancers, ya?

Tuesday: Sun in Cancer square Uranus. Sun trine Saturn too.
Wednesday: Sun trine Chiron (healing your soul)
Saturday is the Full Moon in Capricorn (July 12th)

How to do this Saturn Uranus thing? Both at 16 degrees. An inconjunct. I wrote about it here. Coming together, falling apart. Incredible opportunity for stability for you Cancers at this time + the desire to tear the walls down. HARD TO MAKE CHOICES! Hard to know what to do. Hard to know if your powers of reason are sound.

Cancers crave security so this Uranian (eccentric, rebellious) influence is going to produce a very interesting group of Cancer babies! Cancers under siege! Shells on the run! Extra oddball silly crabs!

Cancers are now required to become cozy and comfortable with freedom. Freedom from roots, from everything familiar, safe! Freedom from home. URANUS SQUARE CANCER = LEAVING HOME.

My advice for you is the advice I give myself (with more to come)…

try not to resist or be afraid of the new. There will be new. There will be surprise new. Star spangled and fangled new.
beware of those irritating feelings of restlessness/agitation which compel you to jump ship totally. Go creative, not crazy.
shore up your faith. Add fire to your faith: greater vitality, passion, BLAZE!!! 

Faith is not the usual Uranus keyword but Uranus is not the usual *anything* and Jupiter enters Leo this month which means we will get a Uranus Jupiter trine (starting in August). Increase the vibration of your faith. Set it to a higher frequency. I think it will happen automatically but do what you can to strengthen the flame. Do you know what I mean when I tell you to increase the vibration? I want you to begin thinking about new spiritual practices for yourself. Because Jupiter Uranus is… magic. 

And actually I want to think about this more, write about this more — so let’s do a part two and go more into detail. This week is mega-packing week for the move but hopefully I can continue in a couple days.

Love, MP

(ETA: there ARE calm moments in-between the fluctuations and uncertainties. So you must meditate MORE. You must ground yourself more while under a Uranus (or Uranus Pluto!) transit. You need to feel time expand/slow down/stretch. Slower music when needed. And how you do this is by maximizing small increments of time. Uranus wants to speed you up. So one thing you do in response to that is adjust yourself — sometimes you go along with Uranus at that faster frantic pace. You have to. But other times you need to breathe. Slow the breath. Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury and Mercury rules the breath. Get what I’m saying here? So mindfulness, meditation, breathing practice, calming the body because Uranus is such a high vibration it makes you jumpy, from head to toe, all of this is for your Uranus transit. To slow down time, to adjust time. So you can find peace in the middle of the blaze.

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