The Stars This Week: Boring

"jupiter trine pluto" I can tell you about this week or I can tell you about next week. They are VERY different. I’ll do a little of both.

How are you post-Eclipse?

I feel better. It took until TODAY pretty much, for the Moon happily snuggled in… where is the Moon? Still in Taurus? Must check. Maybe we are in Gemini already and THAT is why I feel distracted today (+ head cold clogging up my Third Eye and Crown – which reminds me did you know that Edgar Cayce believed the Third Eye chakra was the topmost? Not the Crown unlike so many other systems and said the “shape” of the chakra system was like shepherd’s crook, but I digress…).

Other than MOON aspects we have only one exact aspect this week which is this morning – a Sun Mercury (retrograde) conjunction and I feel like I’m moving forwards and backwards at the same time. Do you?

And then there’s next week OMG NEXT WEEK. I’m just going to list it now. I’m just going to list it. See for yourself what next week is like…

Sun in Libra square Pluto 
Mars opposing Neptune 
Venus enters Virgo 
Mercury goes direct 
Venus square Saturn 
Jupiter trine Pluto 

Pretty much every damn day we got something major. Not all bad but major. ANOTHER Venus Saturn square I know….

Oh and then a Sun Uranus opposition. And the Monday after is the New Moon in Libra. 

Enjoy your day xo I’ll be back with more, as things develop.

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