The Stars This Week: Balls

And maybe if I do all these breaths just-so, if I do all these energizing breaths, I’ll never be afraid again. I’ll be a strong STRONG woman.

This is me talking to myself while experimenting with a yoga dvd.

I haven’t done yoga since the year 2000 when a group of us bundled in the car every week out to the middle of nowhere, to a hippie house (and I mean that with respect) that had portraits of Moses and Jesus and the Buddha and various saints on the walls and by candlelight we all did this hour-long intense exercise-like yoga (with a side of Qi Gong).

And there was always… some guy in tiny shorts with his balls hanging out.


Balls. Metaphorically speaking, a fitting topic for Mars entering Aries tonight/tomorrow. Stupid courage.

Tuesday morning, the Moon follows Mars and enters Aries.

Also on Tuesday the Moon joins Uranus and sextiles Jupiter in Gemini.

MoonPluto gives this day a THUMBS UP for energy, excitement, and balls.


Wednesday’s Moon aspects are crunchier:

an inconjunct to Saturn (the boss!) and a square to Pluto (the boss’ boss!).

MoonPluto gives this day a… MAKE THE BEST OF IT. Your balls are smaller.

What you want to do and what you must do are not the same thing. What you want to do and what you are driven to do are also not the same thing. Good luck!


Thursday, the Moon enters Taurus in the afternoon and this is sweet: sextiles to our Pisces friends, Neptune and Mercury. We NEED this secure Taurus energy. We need this YOGA!

MoonPluto gives this day a YESSSSSSS. Moon’s in Taurus now so we need a new metaphor. I give this day three ice cream cones.


Friday the Moon makes more pleasant aspects.

The opposition to Saturn in Scorpio is the loser here. Moon (your feelings) doesn’t like Saturn (squashes feelings!) and in fixed signs there could be an icey stand-off and ew Saturn is retrograde.

Can we find solace in the Moon’s trine to Pluto? We’ll take what we can get. The kinder gentler Moon Pluto aspects of course are “better” than the square or opposition but it’s still emotional intensity.

MoonPluto gives this day a… it feels frustrating to me (ice cream cone fallen on pavement ravished by ants) but this is life with Saturn in Scorpio. The Moon in Taurus comes along and… blocks the progress we’re barely making anyway (or so it feels).


There you have it. The good, the ew, and the crunchy. Remember, the transits to your own chart count much more than anything I could say here in a little blog post, but feel free to share your experiences as the days pass 🙂

Love, MP

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