The Stars This Morning! Be Yourself

"moon sextile venus"I used to be religious. Strange to think about it now. Traditionally religious. That I used to dress in a certain way that was the community standard. I chose it though. No one forced me. I wear what I want and it usually never fits some typical female standard.

I had a friend come help me organize some things in my apartment last week and as we were cleaning out the closet he found a pair of high heels. He immediately put them on. Good quality shoes. They looked AMAZING on him. Awful on me. I don’t wear high heels. I look and feel like a bearish female impersonator when I do. It just goes to show it’s not one size fits all with gender, with fashion, with identity.

I am biologically female. Does that mean I came out of the womb in high heels? You’d think so according to much of the American media but I have never fit into the gender requirements. I was never girly but not a tomboy either. Just MoonPluto and I gotta me be me πŸ™‚

I invite you to do the same: BE YOURSELF.

While the Sun is in Leo, be proud of who you are. I want you to boast πŸ™‚ Allow that. While the Sun is in Leo, appreciate yourself even if no one else does. Appreciate YOUR soul, your look, your body, your bravery, your desire.

Can you imagine for just one moment that you are perfect? That all your imperfections are PERFECT? Leo does! πŸ˜‰ That all those signs of aging are perfect. That extra weight is perfect. That blemish is beautiful. It’s what makes you unique.

With Mercury now direct I think this will be a bit easier — to love yourself again. (And yes I realize I said the word AGAIN, implying that it is possible and you have done it before although perhaps not since you were a baby.)

The Moon is at one degree Taurus as I type this. Moon sextile Venus in Cancer. No wonder you feel okay in this moment, right? Feel that. I felt it as soon as I woke up.

Moon in Taurus will lovingly sweetly support your day. It will take the edge off even though Taurus squares Leo and Mercury now direct may want to argue with how you feel. Don’t let it happen. This combination can be brutal actually. Brutal in terms of being STUBBORN but let it be that your good mood and your love (Leo) is what is stubborn.

Taurus Β is an immoveable force. They can do almost anything they set their mind to and they can block you as well. Or try to. So be stubborn about staying positive today. Or at least don’t let the sad news of the world get you down. Rejoice that… wherever you are, reading this, there is hope in your life.

Love, MP

Here are links to the two posts about my Private DIscussion Group. Email me for more details. Post #1 and Post # 2

And YES this is Day 2 of MoonPluto’s 7-Day Cleanse. What are you releasing? I am letting go of a certain attachment. It is a 7-day intention. I have not yet come up with a particular ritual for today, but I will. Last night I dedicated my meditation class to it. I may do that again. That may be my framework. Continuing with the visualization I had last night.


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