The Stars This Month: What A Month! Oy! June!

"full moon eclipse in sagittarius"

I’m not an astronomer and kinda suck at giving over scientific information so you’re on your own as far as researching the sciencey part of this rare Venus Transit. Google is your friend 🙂

But what it means for you on this spiritual and physical plane depends on your chart, especially your Gemini house. If you find where the Sun is NOW, well, fix your eye right there. If it’s close to a cusp line, then use two eyes. 😉

Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, Neptune stationing retrograde, Sun Venus conjunction (the Venus Transit), Mercury entering Cancer trining Neptune: all of that is this week!

And then the week of the 9th, Jupiter enters Gemini! Like I said, keep your eye on that Gemini House of yours, and the Sagittarius house opposing it, and also find your Virgo/Pisces houses. This is your Mutable Cross, cosmic game of Twister.  Life is gonna change for you RIGHT THERE: in your Virgo, your Pisces, your Gem, your Sag. Also, Sun trines Saturn that week: GET IT DONE. Get ONE THING done from all your Gemini choices. Make it solid. Make it real.

Week of the 18th: New Moon in Gemini! Again! Sun enters Cancer this week as well (and yes you may wish me Happy Birthday anytime during Cancer Season, thank you very much 🙂

And the last week of June we’ve got Uranus square Pluto EXACT but hell don’t you already know what this energy is about for you? And yet. And yet. I think the exact square here is going to… illuminate is the wrong word. This exact square is going to… force your hand. And you’re not ready. But you will be. Once the fire goes out. And you see that you can still see.

The day after the exact square, Saturn goes direct. Holy Moses what a month. Mercury enters Leo same day. Jupiter squares Neptune same day. This day feels like a thunderstorm to me, a good day to stay inside and watch the rain. Go outside the day after with your shiny new Saturn direct.

And then on the 27th just a few days later, Venus goes direct.

I promise you peeps, shit gonna get straightened out, whether you like it or not. It’s  a big buffet with all this Gemini. Here and here and here and here, all these samples. Well, with the Sun in Cancer and Saturn direct it shall be MEALTIME. Expect to be sated by month’s end. Or, at the very least, exhausted 😉

And when in doubt? Turn up the music.


Love, MP

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