The Stars This Month, Briefly

September is a complex month.

Why do I think this?

I was looking through the ephemeris and noticing Mercury entering Libra next week (indecision and revision) and Venus entering protective (and/or paranoid) Scorpio.

AND then remembering various outer bodies in water signs and how Venus will trine them (Neptune, Chiron, and Jupiter) AND conjoin Saturn and the North Node–

AND that Mercury will square Jupiter and Pluto and oppose Uranus–

AND Pluto going direct.

Busy enough for ya? 

Venus Saturn is SERIOUS deadly serious (and long lasting) and the NorthNode is fate, your destiny and the trines mean… it’s gonna FLOW TO YOU in your places of least resistance. Be careful what you wish for. You will get it. It will stick.

HOWEVER (yes there is a however) you may still waver, says Mercury in Libra. You may not be sure, says Mercury in Libra. Got to be fair. Got to be JUST. GOT TO BE REAL, says Venus Saturn.

Think: new information. Think: new puzzle pieces. Think: no resolution yet. Think: the plot thickens. But not in an ominous way. Throw ominous out the window.

I will take it week by week or day by day on the blog but consider the rest of this week and the weekend as your REST, as your easy-going, easy-does-it — because things will get INTERESTING this month.


I offered to write a blog post for someone on the topic of her choice and she mentioned free-will vs. fate and I do have thoughts on this but… no proof.

My South Node is in Virgo. I’m all about the scrutiny and the proof. But that’s not always TRUTH, right?

I believe in free-will to some degree.

You know what? It may be 80/20 for me. 80% fate. 20% free will.

I’m going to meditate more on this topic and return to it next blog post.

Without meditation, without silence, I can’t… discover anything at all.

“Meister Eckhart said that there is nothing in the world that resembles God so much as silence.” (quote from John O’Donohue’s Anam Cara). It’s a good place to look 🙂

If you have thoughts on this matter, please share them in the comments or on Facebook. Or Twitter!

Love, MP


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