The Stars Right Now: Meditation for Moon Square Uranus

"moon square uranus"Tonight during my meditation, I got a revelation. Insight. I wasn’t looking for it.  I was meditating to… feel more calm, to slow down my mind.

I was going to keep my attention on my out breath and thoughts came. I did get caught up in my thoughts. Feelings came. But they dissolved.

And then suddenly, as I was sitting, I understood what the Devil card from the Tarot is about for me, the Devil card that I have been getting so much in little readings for myself lately and knowing that it’s about money i.e .money-worry. Money-fear.

And tonight I realized… and came right here to blog about it… that money is actually the LAST thing I need to worry about. I will have enough. Faith in this.

And it came to me pretty much in all caps: IT’S NOT ABOUT THE MONEY HONEY (and I am speaking NOT as a rich woman).

Okay. Thanks, Universe.

Now that THAT is out of the way. Now that money is not an issue…

Then what?

Who am I if I am not sick to death with worry over money?

I have no clue YET.

But I will find out.

(I let go of the limitations of my parents  -Louise Hay)

This is just one thing that regular mediation can do for you. Meditation can SHOW YOU.

It’s like a single person who finally gets married (or falls madly in love) at age 42 🙂

What do you do, how do you handle, the end of such a long cycle, even an unhappy one.

I say: memorialize it. It’s a rite of passage. Dedicate SOMETHING to the changes in your life.


I love connecting with a group but in my own special way. This class is a revelation for me. I have three planets in the 11th House. In Cancer. This is exactly what I am supposed to be doing. I want you to feel this way too. I want you to do something and then think to yourself: aha. This.

It it could be more than ONE thing. For me it is more than one thing.

Is it music? Is it the garden? Is it with your love? Your baby? Is it detective work? How can you find that place, that place where you are supposed to be? Your home. The Moon is in Cancer. Cancer symbolizes home. Moon symbolizes home.

Doing the private class (click here for info) is structuring me, causing me to meditate regularly again at home. I’ve been going to a class for years but my home-practice was scattered. But now I have a purpose. I am inviting the class members to join me, no matter where they live. I announce the time and already I know that tomorrow evening at 6pm Eastern that a friend in Alaska and a friend in the U.K. will be with me. Life is precious.

Right now the Moon is square Uranus. Expect mood shifts. Know they will pass. Moon in Cancer self-protects, is vulnerable. Square Uranus? Cry one minute, laugh the next. And then? Truth. Out of the blue. Listen to it.

Are you home? 

Love, MP

Music for your mood: Over The Rhine – Remind Us

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