The Stars Right Now: Cardinal Grand Cross For Cancers

"moon in capricorn"

If you have Cancer planets in the higher degrees, you are filling out the t-square that’s happening now between the Sun in Aries, Moon in Capricorn, and Saturn in Libra. (Aw hell even if you *don’t* have degrees that match up, your Cancer soul is still wrapped up in this.)

I hadn’t noticed this tight formation until I pulled up the list of planets and degrees and was doing some Tweeting and Twittering 🙂

So basically this is just to let Cancer peeps know (and Cardinal peeps know), a reminder, that the Moon moves fast and this little monster will break apart soon enough.

Mars stationing direct tonight, EST, also adds to this feeling of being unable to move, physical and mental quicksand and frustration. You want change but what kind of change and when and how and what I like to call THE BIG SQUEEZE.

My advice here is… acceptance. Sit with the frustration rather than Hulk your way through it. The bricks will come down and better that you are out of their way.

When the smoke clears, grab your suitcase, and go.

Are you feeling it? 


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