The Stars Next Week: Wildfire

So I was looking ahead to next week, for the girls (and our one boy) on the message board. A few details. What to expect when we’re expecting ARIES!

Those of you who are sensitive to the stars and heavenly bodies have already been feeling this — the shift from Pisces to Aries began when Mars entered the sign last Monday, but mid-week, this coming week, this wheel’s on fire.

But let me back up a little: Mercury goes direct tomorrow. On Monday, the Moon is in Gemini. Tuesday, Moon enters Cancer.

Wednesday is the Vernal Equinox, the Sun enters Aries.

Thursday Venus enters Aries.

Friday Mars is conjunct Uranus in Aries HOT HOT HOT.

So even though you are getting, feeling, hints of this now… OH MAN this is nothing. The hints are nothing compared to the bombshell that is coming. And by “bombshell” I mean… we have been sleeping. Soon we shall wake.

The Moon in Cancer squares Aries. Capricorn also squares Aries (creating a t-square) and if you are a Libra? Yes, you will feel be feeling this. All my cardinal friends will be feeling this, especially those with early degree planets or points.

And I don’t think it’s bad actually but it is an awakening voltage, jolting. It is a brave new world. And the old one on fire. And the new one… beautiful. If you can get fearless about it while taking one step at a time because that will be THE key next week:

everyone, everything may be swirling pushing pulling around you, shape shifting as Pisces does her dissolve and Aries takes over. You be the brave, strong, soldier.

Got questions about Aries Season? 

Love, MP


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