The Stars Next Week: Juicy!

It’s a juicy week ahead and you might be wondering why on earth I am feeling this way since we start the week off with the Moon still in fussy Virgo.

Well, Mercury will square Pluto on the 21st (Sunday) which possibly isn’t the cocktail you are looking for but Mercury (mind) square (ugh!) Pluto (truth/depth) means you will wrestle that idea to the ground. Expose its flaws and its gems. Squares push us, move us forward, even when it seems like we’re going in circles.

Monday: Venus in Taurus opposes Saturn in Scorpio. Venus is a mirror. We need this aspect right now. How are you treating yourself? With care? And what are you doing with Saturn retrograde? I hope you aren’t sleeping. On a more mundane level, this aspect can cause problems (a deep freeze) in relationships but I’m thinking of it more as… asking the right questions about your particular Saturn transit at this time. See, I rather see Venus oppose Saturn than Saturn oppose Venus. There is a difference! Venus will keep moving. Saturn takes more time. In either case, patience my dears. The solutions are there when you… stop and pay attention to what’s in your heart.

On Tuesday, Mercury is sextile Jupiter (sky’s the limit!). So here we see that idea that was so confounding when Mercury squared Pluto. It gets better!

On Wednesday, another Venus aspect. Venus trine Pluto, Venus trine the Lord of the Underworld. We like trines 🙂 but you can see Venus is having a busy week. Love and money and power. On Tuesday and Wednesday the Moon is in Libra. Even more Venus.

Catch a theme here? The Sun in Taurus is sextile Neptune on Wednesday. Assert yourself gently. Trust your instincts. Venus trine Pluto is knowing what’s exactly in your heart (once again). Your true desire. No questions needed. If you still have questions, sit in meditation, even for 5 minutes. Observe your breath. When you quiet the mind, the truth comes. Even if that truth is that you are still confused. Are you brave enough to sit still for even a minute?

Thursday: Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio at 5 degrees and Venus is sextile Chiron. Told you she was busy!

I’ll stop here for now but notice the themes building – what of Venus is on your mind these days? Love? Relationships? Art? Money? Self-care? Luxury? Security? Beauty? Devotion? Desire?

A Full Moon in Scorpio is a Full Moon in Pluto. You have more say, you have more power, than you realize. You may have spent years, lifetimes, stripped of power, but everything’s different now. Your soul doesn’t realize it yet but yes your soul can stop hiding and take its rightful place.

I’ve got a new Tarot deck 🙂 gonna draw one card for the eclipse and one card for this week overall:

For the week: Two of Swords. Stuck. Uncertainty. On ice. 

For the eclipse: King of Wands: who is coming to save you (melt the ice)? Or are you the rescuer. Tiebreaker. 

Hmm… will the eclipse and this King figure break the 2 of Swords stalemate? Or could it be your own inner fire that comes to Jesus 😉

This deck doesn’t have a blindfolded woman for the Two of Swords, but the blindfolded woman suggests… not believing everything you see. Needing to go deeper. More information is coming, likely from the enterprising and eager King of Wands — which could be you, enlightened, awake.

Love, MP


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