The Stars Next Week! DECLARATION

It is winter in the Big City and I’m trying to get out of the house more. I work from home and it’s cold out now. I have to push myself. I want whatever sunshine there is. I also particularly like chilly sunny days.

So this morning I had an errand to run but before my errand decided to have breakfast at my favorite diner but on the way there (or was it on the way home?) a man with a clarinet (on the subway) was playing “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” and I found myself anticipating each note, as though he were singing it.

Would he reach it? Would he get there? Would he tag each note with the necessary nuance? For me he could have gone ALL THE WAY DOWN into the bittersweet Judy Garland of that song and I wouldn’t have minded one bit.


The big news this weekend is actually the big news for next week: A Full Moon in Gemini. Uranus going direct. Venus going retrograde that weekend. The Winter Solstice in my part of the world.

And I can’t really separate any of these events because for me they are cooperating, shuffling together. The Full Moon isn’t an ending but a DECLARATION of intent. Maybe you tell it to yourself. Maybe you tell it to your partner. Maybe you tell it on the mountain! All I know is YOU MUST TELL IT.


The Venus piece of the puzzle is your social life and your love life, and if I were you I would… create paper dolls. Or something less ornate (I’m mostly no frills myself). Use index cards or post-its. To represent the people in your life. The people you want OUT of your life. The people you WANT in your life. Play with your cards/your post-its/your dolls. Move some off to the side. Bring some in. Take a good look at WHO IS THERE.

And Uranus going direct is that part of your chart on VA VA VOOM once again. Don’t you need it? Just a little? That fast fire? Uranus went retrograde in July. It really hasn’t been that long but what has changed in that area of your chart. SOMETHING HAS.

That’s all for now 🙂 Hoping to make another video tonight. Miss Annette (her questions inspire me) had a question about grieving the loss of a pet and I have a story to tell about that. See y’all later.

Love, MP

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