The Stars Next Month: Ruckus And Reckoning With Venus In Cancer

venus in cancer, cardinal tsquareEnergy is necessary to keep love kicking. Energy exchange.

If he or she isn’t giving it, isn’t bringing it, if it’s dead air between the two of you, what do you do?

12th House or Neptune people tend to enjoy missing the Beloved which can turn sacrificial and sad. Anyone can be affected by this though.

This morning’s Tarot brought us the 8 of Cups and I just responded to someone in the comments, telling her that there are degrees of walking away. It all counts. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing although hell yes sometimes the break of all breaks must occur. A sign around your heart that says DO NOT REPAIR.


Mid-August will bring us some breakthrough aspects. Venus in nurturing Cancer will join the Uranus/Pluto square and Mars in Libra will conjunct Saturn.

Of course the meaning for you  particularly is based on your chart, your life, but in general I feel (so far) that the danger of these transits will be in trying to control others, metaphorically main them, or to act so out of character that you don’t recognize yourself and then you wake up the next morning going “Whaaaaa ???”

What’s the breakthrough? You can get closer instead of backing away or running away or punishing the other person.

These are relationship aspects, relationship transits, intense ones.Now I actually LIKE Mars coming to sit on Saturn. It’s a HELLOO YOO HOO SATURN HELLOOOOOO.  A bit more than a friendly jostling. But Mars is going to make Saturn MOVE.

Venus opposition Pluto is a power struggle, possibly abuse of power and Venus square Uranus is sudden and you could fall in love, or fall BACK in love with the devil. You don’t wanna do that 😉 (Or do you?)

Venus square Uranus in Aries could see you running down the street in a flaming red dress and what stops you from reaching the point of no return is, actually, Pluto.

You can heal (Pluto rules healing and healers) your love (your own and your Beloved’s) under this sky.

Mars conjunct Saturn seals the deal. If you have felt in chains all year romantically (I’m thinking of the Devil in the Tarot deck) this is your get out of jail free card. Okay. Maybe not sooooo free 😉 but this is a powerful dynamic passionate love ruckus and reckoning.

And THEN the New Moon comes 🙂

Three cards for this transit, this energy: 

The one thing that holds you back is your grief. There is still an edge to it that cuts you, that cuts others and it serves no purpose. It must be transformed. Softened. Surrendered. Put your guns down. You know who you are! Don’t point fingers. It’s you too. And that’s the Pluto energy. You need to serve. I know you are thinking “But I do so much for….”

But it’s different than what you think. Because all around is all this love and all this possibility and you have the skills and the desire and the dream and potential. I need to draw another card here. Tell us, wise Tarot guides 🙂 give us some clarity around this grief:

Acknowledge it in a different way. I was writing a post this morning about building an altar to your passion. Well, include your grief. And it doesn’t have to be fancy. You can cut out pictures from magazines or use wind-up toys. It doesn’t freakin’ matter.  You can light two candles. One for your passion, one for your grief. But keep them where you can see them even after they’ve burned out.

Because you know what? You are taking WAY too long. And you will lose if you do not declare and define (Saturn in Libra) WHAT YOU WANT, who you belong to, and who belongs to you. Pluto rules possession. Stake your claim.



Love, MP

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