Another Spiritual Lesson Of Mars In Virgo 2011

"mars in virgo 2011"
mars in virgo 2011

The house in your natal chart where you have Virgo is what/who/where you will be serving while Mars is in Virgo.  

Squares to that house show the internal tension along your path of service, the way you doubt yourself or don’t believe you can do it.

Oppositions to that house are outside forces that you must reckon with, often in the form of, well, other people.

Any natal planets in the houses that square or oppose your Virgo house will add intensity and of course much depends on the planets and signs involved. Transiting planets add another layer.  And empty houses can still be read for meaning.

Don’t forget to look for sextiles and trines for help, other earth and water. That’s your support system. You may not even realize that it’s there.

So during Mars in Virgo’s extended stay, if you find yourself feeling lost or sick from details or worry, look to the horizon (Sagittarius), don’t isolate (Gemini), and have faith (Pisces) and serve the house where Virgo is in your chart.

Believe in yourself  is what Mars in Virgo feels like to me, like the warrior believes in his mission, like the soldier believes in his battle.

What’s that you say? Virgo has trouble with belief? Trouble with faith? EXACTLY!

How do you banish doubt? 

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