The Spiritual Lesson Of Jupiter Retrograde

"jupiter retrograde in taurus"
Kierkegaard was a Taurus!

How free are you? I mean *really free*. Could you leave it all behind, whatever you have? Your things, your home, your people, whoever is around you? And for what would you give it all up?

I’m thinking about Jupiter Retrograde and how I don’t believe the retrograde cancels out Jupiter’s benevolence and that although some may think Jupiter transits are overrated… I don’t think so. But maybe that’s because I have such a Virgo-heavy chart which squares Sagittarius/Jupiter.  Any teeny tiny shred of Jupiter ain’t no bite size to me; it’s a full meal.

Now I do have a Jupiter Venus sextile, the closest aspect in my chart. But my Venus is in the hidden and mysterious 12th House!  It’s hard to see!

But back to my original question: how free are you? How attached are you to what you have? I see Taurus as being very VERY attached.  Not judging this.  It’s Taurus’ job to attach and to claim and to own.

Jupiter in Taurus should have you expanding what you have, expanding what you own.  But are we talking about *things* or something less tangible. Where’s your Taurus house? Mine is the 9th. What do I own? What do I cling to? My higher mind, my VIEWS, my limited fixed pespective (I have Saturn there).

With Jupiter Retrograde, then, we let go, we learn (Jupiter) to let go (North Node in Scorpio) of what we own (Taurus). See? The Retrograde is the spiritual lesson here.  Learn it before Jupiter goes direct because then you’ll be back to expanding and acquiring and that’s fine, really it is… just don’t miss what’s happening NOW.

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