The Sky Today: Love The Dress, Love The Snood

I was talking to my husband this morning about the sky and how I didn’t necessarily consider it a “real” Grand Cross at the moment.

Or we could say it’s a “weak” one. A weakling! A snarling weakling ­čśë not weak at all, right?

I feel Mars in Libra and the planets in Capricorn (except Pluto) are a bit too high in degree now. And honestly I don’t think this week will FEEL the same as late December. It’s less painful. Do you agree?

But now you’re ready for action. The question is whether you are thinking clearly enough to take any!

The most interesting detail to me is that Jupiter is now MORE in the mix than before, with Mars and the Capricorn planets catching up to it. Jupiter always find the bright side, whether one exists or not. Might you employ that as a strategy?

That said, all people with planets in the Cardinal signs, at mid-degrees, continue to be under some stress and strain. My Sun is at 16 degrees Cancer and oh yes I had a cranky morning!

Let’s draw a card for the week ahead:

Oooooh Two of Swords! This totally answers the question I asked! Is it time to take action or ┬átime to hold ’em. I’m voting hold ’em and not make any sudden moves. Lord knows she’s not — what with the blindfold and the two sleek swords across her chest. Guarded.

The Two of Swords though is a DUEL. Whatever is happening… is not about you alone. It’s about you and someone else. Or you and your inner turmoil. Fighting with yourself.

So that’s my advice. 1. Find the silver lining and 2. Wait

Love, MP


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