The Secret Of The Full Moon In Pisces

"moon sextile pluto"The Full Moon in Pisces is this Friday.

And I want to ask: what are you hiding from yourself?

What Virgoan truth is ready to come to Jesus! Hello Full Moon bright light. Nice to see you 😉

Full Moons can bite. Full Moons can beam. Clarity. Truth. Messages. News. Endings. Endings?  Maybe. Or maybe just… all is revealed. FINALLY. And it will be a relief and not a mystery.

Now the Full Moon will be too low to trine Venus in Cancer by degree BUT the energy is still there. Psychic, sweet, mystical, head in the clouds. And the Virgo Sun comes along to say… what? 

Virgo, like Scorpio, likes the truth and the Moon will trine Mars in Scorpio, square Jupiter in Gemini (many truths!), sextile Pluto (practical emotional intensity) and conjunct Neptune and Chiron. No wonder you feel you’ve grown wings! Water people with damn near anything at these degrees is FEELING IT.

You know what? I think the truth WILL come out. Virgo will see to that. BUT WHICH TRUTH WILL IT BE?

It will be wherever this Full Moon transits your chart BUT there may be so much… MIST despite the Full Moon lights, that you may MISS it.

Keep your eyes open 🙂

Love, MP

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