The Secret Meaning Of Uranus Square Pluto

"uranus square pluto"It’s hot in the Big City these days and with the air conditioning on, I can’t hear the birds, and I hear these birds even in winter, a constant choir from paradise.

But let me tell you what’s really on my mind this morning: Uranus square Pluto.

That Uranus square Pluto presents us with two choices and the answer is that NEITHER of these possibilities fits and we feel the friction of the seemingly hopeless choice.

Uranus square Pluto says: you are changing and you facing tough decisions and you may not be rewarded but you will be REAL because Uranus square Pluto burns up the old you, the false you. Small consolation?

Here’s a vague example: I am being faced with a choice. I am pretty sure I know the answer. And I wish I could stay in denial but my Saturn Neptune opposition assures me that reality will thunder in.

Now with Jupiter in Gemini, the choices won’t always be so grueling.  Jupiter is sextiling Uranus. Mercury is trining Uranus. This week you can acquire vision. Wisdom. It’s just that the topography of your life now has plants that you have no clue how to care for. Or that you used to, but you forgot.

Uranus square Pluto is a past-life transit, whether a “literal” past live or that issues from the last 20, 30, 40 years are popping up again, issues you thought were DEAD (Pluto) but Uranus is a zombie.

I never stop looking for meaning. I cannot bear to live a meaningless lawless life even if the answers are delayed or unsatisfying. I keep trying. Otherwise, why live? We must pursue more than the quotidian, more than the good cheese.


Meaning must be created and THAT, my friends, is the secret meaning of Uranus square Pluto. That the labor will last a couple years, but the baby, the birth, is you.

Love, MP