The Second House: Meditation On Desire

“I Have” is the oft repeated Second House keyword.

Associated with Taurus, Venus, “moveable” possessions i.e. things, MINE, my, money, fertility (remember Taurus is the lush pastoral earth sign!), that which grows, the Empress in the Tarot, the 2 creating balance and harmony!

Self-esteem, self-worth, peace of mind (says Isabel Hickey), earning and spending capacity (also from Hickey).

Homework question: what if you have erratic Uranus here? Or now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t Neptune? Or regenerative Pluto? Or one of the faster moving heavenly bodies? Does Jupiter here make you rich? Hmmm.

(Side note: Uranus here, I believe, more than any other placement, forces you to have faith. Otherwise you’d be a nervous wreck.)

Meditation on desire (I think I wrote a poem by that title once) because before you own, before you have, you must want it, right? Desire it. WHAT DO YOU DESIRE. Revisit your 2nd House placements (and/or the house ruler) to ponder this once again.

I have Libra on the cusp of this house. You know what means 🙂

I love how Howard Sasportas put it, in his Twelve Houses book: the 2nd House is not only what you value but what you HOPE TO GAIN.

With Uranus in your second house, you may hope to gain freedom from even having to earn a living. Or you’ll have a weird job.

With Jupiter there? Happiness. Or you believe no matter what, you’ll have enough.

Neptune? Escape. And you may be a Reiki Master, hope to gain spiritual attunement.

Pluto? Hmm. At first I wrote death. Surrender. Then I started thinking: what does Pluto desire most of all. Power. Not to feel afraid anymore. Yes, that is the underbelly of Pluto.

Sun in the 2nd House wants to establish and live by his/her own values, not live by anyone else’s. ( So much more to say here. We’ll have to make time to discuss it!)

The 2nd House is a fundamentally insecure house because it is so concerned with what makes us feel secure: what we have around us, our money, our stuff, our value, what we feel we are worth or… not worth. And because it is so fundamentally insecure, until we “master” this house (if a house can be mastered), then we keep wanting to acquire. Enlightenment means we realize how false this is. And that more tins of eyeshadow means only… more tins of eyeshadow.

To be continued…

Do you have planets in this house? 

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