The Redemption Of Venus From The 12th (Part ?)

"venus in the 12th house"

In the comments, a reader asked how to redeem Venus from the 12th House (for those who have this placement). I gave a short answer and decided to put it here too.

It’s when Venus stops longing for something/someone who isn’t THERE. When she chooses reality, real life, over fantasy. Chooses troops on the ground love instead of the dream. (AND stays away from drunks and marrieds and otherwise lousy prospects.)

Yes yes yes there’s more to it but that’s my simple answer for this evening.

I know I wrote about this before – maybe even under the title The Redemption of Venus from the 12th. Will have to check the tags/categories.

Venus in the 12th is a beautiful aspect though. You want these folks to be taking care of your animals, for example. 12th House people have so much compassion in my experience. Maybe too much at times. But we need that at times. Why not go overboard with the good instead of all the shit?

And, by the way, I got this phrase from the first astrologer I ever had a reading with, in Iowa. Years later, I looked her up and we did a phone reading and she told me that I needed to redeem my Venus from the 12th. Sadly, the tape of that reading got lost in the mail. I should call her again. I wonder if she’s still around….

But even while Venus in the 12th should avoid fantasy relationships, she should not discard the higher vibration of this placement. She should not fear hope or faith or mysticism or godliness or empathy or the merge.

And yet. And  yet. Venus in the 12th can feel herself falling uh oh it’s happening again. Venus 12 is the tightrope walker every time. She must stay balanced high above the abyss which is divine death.

I know this feeling well, how nauseating it is. I still don’t have it all worked out. I can swing between the extremes “he’s not for me” versus “I’m drowning.”

I was talking about growing into your chart in the previous post. Aspects like this? They NEVER get old.

 By the way, the amazing Liza Minnelli has Venus in the 12th House. Watch Cabaret again. You can see it in her eyes.


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