The Redemption of Saturn In (From?) Libra

"saturn in libra"I’ve changed a lot, relationship-wise, since Saturn went into Libra.

Where once I sought a parent-figure, someone to take care of me, I now seek something more fair.

Saturn has been squaring my Cancer Sun, Mercury, and Mars. Cancer is the sign of NEED. Saturn came to balance it.

And I did not intend to change this way but I have. And desire is a funny thing. In the words of poet Jorie Graham, ” The desire to imagine/the future.”

I know my writing keeps people going sometimes. They tell me.  These people are *not* seeking favor. I have no magic anyway. I’m not saving lives, unlike a few of my clients who are doctors. Now ***that*** is magic. I’m just a girl with a MacBook Air 🙂 And helping others is not why I write. Writing is a consequence of MY need to keep ME going.

But back to my original thought: the irony of all this relationships stuff is that just as I am becoming more independent, people are popping up in my life who want to look after me, and honestly, Heavenly Father, we all need a little saving, don’t you think? Every once in a while?


Love, MP

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