The Problem With Venus (Notes From MoonPlutoLand)

Venus is so damn tricky. Tricky to me.

The Venus & Mars class starts today (the one I’m doing with Matthew Currie – and YES you can still join the class, email me for details) and I’m giving myself a fun refresher (perusing my books!) and getting inspired and looking for themes and the more I read about Venus, the less Venusian I feel and feel I am.

Which is one of the REASONS for the course. To bring this stuff to consciousness. To help people with “Venus problems.”

For example — lets say you want a relationship and it always eludes you. Or you really want one and have convinced yourself that you don’t. Or maybe others feel like you should have one and…

First thing I’d do most likely is look at your Venus and your 7th House (associated with Libra).

And I was thumbing through this one book that I never look at much and came across this phrase “the arts of seduction” and thinking to myself about my own Venus and my own Venus t-square and my own lack  (Saturn keyword!) of the arts of seduction and how this mainstream Venus is an image that I’d like to shoot down. Or maybe that’s my Mars talking. Or my Venus square Saturn.

Venus square Saturn feels inadequate and unworthy of even putting on a show. I’m too real for all that, is what she thinks. She rejects (Saturn) allure (Venus).  Venus square Saturn is not the Grand Illusion (of Venus) but the No Illusion (of Saturn). Cold hard reality THIS IS HOW IT IS. PEOPLE GET OLD. I’M NOT PRETTY. STOP FANTASIZING. Venus square Saturn is a deadly aspect i.e. Saturn can restrict (kill) the love impulse coming from others. And yet if you have this aspect in your birth chart YOU ARE NOT DOOMED but you must be aware of how you push people away in any number of ways.

I want to post something here that I posted in the class today. I will not make a habit of posting our private stuff, but just wanted to give you a taste…

“Venus is the outside. The surface. Like your nose is part of your surface. Surface as opposed to depth, like your emotions. I’m not saying Venus isn’t a deep topic. But… here’s an example. 

You (anyone) may be stirred by an object of beauty but you are the human who is feeling stirred. You are the flesh and blood reacting. That is the deep part. Example: Libra is NOT Scorpio. Libra is nice and polite (ideally). Libra values peace, “peace at any price.” (Speaking in generalities here, I know).

Libra (talking about the ideal energy of Libra) doesn’t always lie but it certainly hides the flaws (i.e. make up) whereas Scorpio gives the truth, the guts, the stuff we prefer to hide, the taboo. I have a 1st House Pluto so although I am not a Scorpio, I get gross and I bring up ugly things whereas someone with “more” Venus in their chart or Venus in their 1st House would shy away from that. I rather see someone’s ugly flaws and depth than hide in their costume. 

Using this contrast because I think it will help explain what I mean. THUS when we see VENUS IN SCORPIO this Venus is concerned with far more than smelling nice. NOW, there is nothing wrong with smelling nice (it has its purpose as well, like everything under the skies) BUT my point is we all have different VALUES which is often determined by OUR VENUS PLACEMENT and its aspects. 

Matthew has Venus in his 7th House so it has more than a touch of Libra to it. 

My Venus is in the 12th House. I value the meditation hall far more than saying good morning (being polite). I value silence. See what I’m trying to build. I’m not saying Venus is bad. I’m not saying surface is bad. But I want to go deeper still into what it all means. And for many of us… Venus is not our strongest influence at all but… it matters. 

And I know my bias. I know I am not a typical or mainstream Venus. “Typical” being hard to define. 

THAT is what I mean by going deep. But yes I admit it to anyone anytime that beauty is “necessary” for female in this culture for sure but is at the bottom of my list of values.”


Today’s Sky! Venus is now in Virgo and Virgo in general wants ORDER. It makes sense for us to bring this order to our beauty and our social lives! Get your hair done. Check your eyebrows. Health stuff too. AND money. Have you sprung a leak? Where is it? Virgo NEEDS to fix it. Visit friends. Are you lonely? CALCULATE your desire says Venus in Virgo.

Love, MP

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