The Power Bar: Pluto In The Fifth House Solutions (Transit or Natal)

"pluto through the 5th house" You have to get obsessed or you won’t do it at all. Lukewarm or so-so? NO. You must GET OBSESSED.

I’ve been obsessed lately and this morning yes out of the blue I think a solution came to my obsession, the exact right perfect necessary fated creative outlet, channel, power bar, vent, release, duct, way out.

If you are under Pluto 5th by transit, if you have Pluto 5th in your natal you need a way out that involves your EXPRESSION.

OF YOUR SELF. Not his self, not her self. YOUR.

But let me extend to this everyone everywhere because we all have a natal Pluto and we’re all under a Pluto transit.

Frustrated with your life? Change your story. Change your story to where your PLUTO TRANSIT is happening. The GREAT TRANSFORMATION. The GREAT WORK (Pluto is in Capricorn/Saturn). That is the story you must tell now – to yourself and to others so make it a good one. Make it one you like. Pluto burns your life to the ground but if you’re still here, you can put something underneath the ashes, on top of the ashes, something like a stretcher. Lay down. Look at the stars.


"sun square pluto"Drew cards this morning and made a video for one of my regular Tarot subscribers.

She’s being dealing with some traumatic health challenges and hasn’t had time to process yet. Of course not. It all happened so fast. She’s still IN IT. The integration comes later. Two of her cards this morning were Priestess and Hermit. Some of what I told her:

Hermit and HP as helping spirits – Hermit holds a lantern. LIGHT. 
I know exactly what you mean though – not from the exact circumstance, but the process after a trauma. It (the integration) also happens automatically, as you go along, living your daily life, without even trying. Pieces will fall into place. Other pieces you will have to work hard to fit. But you’ll find yourself again. Your body may never be what it once was, we know this, but your soul will come home again. 
New Client Testimonial!

“Aliza is IT. She has it.

She’s like the map maker, going into uncharted territory, grounding you by painting a picture of where you are and where you can go.

Every time I’ve had a reading with her I walk away with more clarity in my options, and grateful for how she made sense of the jumble of feelings and events happening all around me.

And she always tailors her reading to what I need and how I need to hear it, alternating between empathy and compassion, to hard truths. I can’t gush enough about her work.
She is worth every single penny.”

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