The November/December Reading 2020

I’m making 12 of these readings available and I’m calling it the November/December Reading but we may run into January if the “add-ons” are popular. (Actually I’m thinking these will definitely continue into January).

First come/first serve.

And my goal is to keep my schedule light as possible during these months so I can focus intensely on these readings and on you.

The Big Reading:

60 minutes

Up to 15-20 additional minutes if it feels right. 

Sometimes folks get overwhelmed and an hour is plenty. 

Sometimes there are more questions and/or the guides keep talking.  

Those “additional minutes” cannot be saved or used another time.

Phone only (if you want Zoom or Skype you’ll have to convince me)

Tools used:

If you’ve worked with me before, you know how I work. 




My Guides (i.e. messages/downloads/information from my ancestors, guides, or others; channeling). Today in a reading, spontaneously I channeled a “goddess” from the Torah and it’s my intention to ask for their (goddesses/matriarchs/patriarchs/other figures from the Torah) help for these readings but no guarantee who will come through.

The process of doing a reading is often seamless (all the tools working together) but sometimes I say okay let’s look at cards, let’s look at chart, this came through as a download, etc. 

I prefer readings to be a conversation although sometimes I interrupt especially if I’m receiving psychic information for you. 

Topic of The Big Reading: 2021 and YOUR LIFE

Cards will be used to supplement the astrology topics or to answer any specific/general query you have. I love them both together. 

During your reading, I hope/plan to cover:

Eclipses of late 2020 and the Eclipses of 2021

Jupiter in Aquarius

Saturn in Aquarius

Venus retrograde

Saturn Uranus square

And other issues/questions may arise of course! All of this in the context of your personal birth chart. I will strive to keep us on track and focused during the reading. I want to bring you the big themes and also hone-in when wanted. Spiritual and practical. In this Covid era, life, more than ever, is a spiritual endeavor. That’s my perspective as I offer this. I’ll be prepping and meditating on your chart beforehand.



Please note: Add-Ons cannot be purchased separately. You can get The Big Reading alone or with one or both add-ons. 


Pre-recorded (audio-only) Solar Return reading. I use your birth location (not current location). The Solar Return is a thematic map of your year ahead (it’s a chart based on your birthday).

20-25 minutes. I will send you an unlisted YouTube link for the audio. 

Plus three card Tarot spread.

After you listen to the audio, you are welcome to ask a couple quick additional questions/clarification by email.


20-25 minutes 

Plus 2 minutes or so before we begin (for a quick phone chat) and a few minutes after the session (by phone or typing by messenger or text) so I can share any information/visions I received for you.

The healing session is not done with us on the phone, but you resting in a calm quiet place and me tuning in to your energy and doing the work, the healing, the peace-ing.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor nor a substitute for any medical professional. This healing session is to bring you peace (for any spiritual or physical malady you disclose) and to get information from your guides which I can then transmit to you.

Additional Details:

If you purchase The Big Reading and one or both Add-Ons, please know all the pieces won’t be completed/delivered on the same day and may not be not same week! We’ll discuss time-frame.

Goal: all readings to be completed in November/December/January but I know sometimes schedules/life gets in the way. If there’s demand, I might continue to do a few more in February but not sure yet.

Message me if you have questions:

I do readings usually M – F and Sunday. Between 11am and 5pm. Various times will be available. Eastern time zone. 

No refunds given.

If I have to cancel, due to illness or other emergency, god forbid, I will reschedule you asap. 

If I am late, I will go overtime (or will make up the time a different day if strapped for time)

If you have to cancel please let me know asap, same for lateness. I cannot promise to go overtime (that day) if you are late.

For all the readings/healings, please be in a quiet, private place. 

I do not record phone readings, but don’t mind if you do.

The Big Reading $366 

Solar Return Add-On $146

Healing Add-On $146

The Big Reading Inclusive $622