The Nothing That Is: The Fool

I ate my breakfast today with the Tarot.

I pulled three more cards for myself this morning and lately I’ve been reading the Tarot books I own but never looked through that much. There was one that I particularly liked but the others gathered dust.

The first card I pulled: The Fool. And this one book goes into the numerology quite a bit and I got fascinated by the idea of ZERO.

“The Fool is the zero card. In everyday terms, most of us think of zero as a starting point, from which we count our way up, or down… Since zero falls outside the sequence of ordinary numbers, it is unbound by rules of order. It floats freely, outside time and place…”

And it seemed to me that with zero, anything is possible. No commitments other than to the journey itself. Absolute beginner.

And yet this happens in our lives over and over. Often when we want it least. Often when we most want to go home and we find we are looking up… with only the sky as shelter (God help us).

But look – The Fool is not alone. He has his loyal happy companion. He has the sun at his back. He has the mountains and the cliff (i.e. foundation however rocky) and all his worldly possessions in his little pack. Reminds me a little of my Saturn in Virgo transit 😉

And there’s the white rose (in Rider Waite). You can look up traditional symbolism of that white rose all day long but for me? It’s telling me his hands are full. He is zero. He is nothing. He is beginning. But he is far from empty. His hand is in a mudra but it’s as though the flower grows out of him. He is the flower of life. He is the vehicle for his transformation. Nothing else is needed.

But first he must bravely go.

I’ll be back later with a Little Poem for Sunday.


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