The Not So Secret Sex Life Of Venus In Aquarius

"Venus in Aquarius"
Bob, Carol, Ted, and Alice

I was reading a book the other day that described Venus in Aquarius as “impersonally personal.” Isn’t that cute? I guess. As long as you’re not married to them!

But seriously, Venus in Aquarius can be friendly with many many many many many MANY people of the opposite sex. And they hope you won’t mind! But the thing is… it’s not about trying to get it ON, necessarily. It’s about.. camaraderie. Buddy-ship. Venus in Aquarius prizes friendship and if you want a Venus in Aquarius to love you? You better be their friend. And call them buddy once in a while.

It’s not that they’re cold, really. It’s not that they’re detatched (well, they are). It’s that they’re kinky. Venus in Aquarius gets my vote for being willing to try anything once. Or twice. And maybe you’d say: hey, Moon Pluto, don’t you mean Mars? Yeah, I guess this could be about Mars too but i think Venus has WAY more to do with sex and sexing it up than we usually give it credit.

Aquarius is WEIRD, is do what you want, is think for yourself, is don’t tread on me (unless you’re into that) and Venus in Aquarius, thus, LOVES weird-do-what-you-want-think-for-yourself-sex. And yes, they are into group sex because Aquarius is the COLLECTIVE, and what do you think they collect? Nah, never mind πŸ˜‰

What has been your penis in… I mean, Venus in Aquarius experience? (Psst, they also love parades and rallies!)

Note to self: writing posts like this is one way to deal with my Saturn transit πŸ˜‰

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