The Not-So-Secret Link between Virgo and Your North Node

Barbara’s comments about Virgo Moon on this post made me think and inspired me to return to the topic of Virgo. How meaningful the little things are in life. Funny we call them “the little things.” The 6th House, Virgo’s natural house, is the house of “small animals,” our pets. Yet our love for them is big. Little things, details… details is another Virgo word. Here’s a little list: getting your stuff ready for the day, the bed made or unmade, the smell of your lover’s clothing, greeting the cats, the pleasant email, the thought “it looks like rain,” the smell of coffee, a memory from long ago, the quiet apartment, the extra hour of sleep, the gnat.

Sometimes in life, you are going going going and sometimes you feel like collapsing and sometimes you do, and then there are the little things: the dark sky, the huge branches from that tree outside, the sound of birds, the dust bunnies on the carpet, the bar of Dove, the laundry not yet put away, the shopping list.

Virgo and the 6th House are our daily routines, the quotidian. And then there is the North Node, your North Node, which is always waiting for you. Look to all these places for instruction on how to feed yourself.  I am linking these together because they are all about daily maintenance. Even if you don’t have Virgo planets, you have a Virgo House and you have a 6th House and you have a North Node.

The unfinished apple on the counter, the unfinished conversation, the new movie you just have to see, more sky, more birds, something dropped, something returned.

And these things are meaningful because we give them meaning. We see patterns and the patterns add up to a life. North Node in Pisces is a spiritual life, every day. And no matter your North Node, it is the direction you need to follow, to complete yourself, day in, day out.

North Node in Aries: learn to be alone. North Node in Taurus: fear not your beauty. North Node in Gemini: do something with all that learning. North Node in Cancer: nurture! North Node in Leo: shine! North Node in Virgo: think about it! North Node in Libra: you are two, not one. North Node in Scorpio: what you need the most is what you cannot, literally, touch. North Node in Sagittarius: roam! North Node in Capricorn: teach! North Node in Aquarius: work! North Node in Pisces: dream.

Did I forget anyone?

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