News From MoonPlutoLand And Thus Spoke Sagittarius

Two things going on:

1. the class that Matthew and I will be doing on VENUS & MARS, including individual looks at your own Venus and Mars situations and how we can help your love life! Monday start date!

Please visit THIS LINK HERE and THIS LINK for info

2. a new summer special I am running in honor of this month’s GRAND SEXTILE STAR OF DAVID configuration, an energy of protection and guidance, July 29th. How will it affect you? These are mini-readings 15-20 minutes. Using the transit chart for you and the Tarot. Possible discussion of manifestation and REAL WORLD but I may lean a bit more heavily on the spiritual metaphysical in these. $40 by PayPal. Phone or Email. Schedule is busy so email asap so I can make room for you.



Cheer up, my lovelies! Moon void of course right now (on the East Coast) but enters Sagittarius this afternoon. BETTER MOODS await you! And me too. Moon in Scorpio is so-so for me and I always swing up when Jupiter shows up. The aspects today are a little “eh” though. The Moon is inconjunct Mars and Jupiter as well as square Neptune. Feeling out-of-sortsy.

You know what this is? This is… you’d really like to have some fun AND you’d really like to take it easy and take care but it’s not a straight line. Reminds me of a board game and you keep rolling the dice and not getting where you want to go. ALSO Mercury goes direct this weekend so expect the next couple days to feel wobbly like a baby foal.

My advice? Enjoy the Sagittarius spirit anyway. I would love to go for a long walk despite the summer heat wave happening in the Big City. Bring along your pacifier, your blanket, your security zone (Cancer!) whatever you need. You may worry along your travels but just keep moving.

Love, MP


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