The New Moon Solar Eclipse In Sagittarius Is Your Angel

"new moon solar eclipse in sagittarius"
from Angels in America

Let there be light!

Sagittarius: fire sign, mutable, flexible, changeable. So you can change now. Now is the time. You, yes you.

Let what go. Bring what in?

Time (Saturn) for the Long Journey (Jupiter). Saturn and Jupiter work well together. It’s like a good poem: the structure sets the poem free.

Sagittarius: sign of philosophy, prophecy, freedom, adventure. Sign of what’s different from you, foreign. The stranger at home everywhere. Is it you?

And the Long Journey asks: where do you want to go?  Where in your life do you want — no — NEED to be more free?




The structure is what sets the poem free and Jupiter is big bigger biggest. Inflate those intentions like balloons. Watch them rise. See? So beautiful. All those balloons up there with the clouds. Sagittarius has the big vision.

And the Long Journey asks: travel but to where and to see who? Dream on this.

Here’s an example from my life: I love someone and my yes is as big as his no, not yet.

But I say this: no more limits. I have a Jupiter Venus sextile and a 12th House Venus: no more limits in love.

So you bet I’m gonna set and set and set and set and set my firey expansive optimisitc WISH upon this New Moon which is also a Solar Eclipse! The Moon rules! Make your intentions as big as the sky. No. Bigger.

The energy of my intention-setting is going to power this Big City entire until there is nothing left.

New Moons are seeds, potentials. It’s dark out. We don’t know what we’ll get, what the baby will look like, but Sagittarius is bright bright fire!

And these lunations, these Moon Events give you chance after chance after chance to begin and to release, and to begin again.

So here comes the inevitable Sagittarius question: do you feel lucky? 

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