The New Moon In Capricorn And More Thoughts On Pluto

"moon pluto conjunction in the 1st house"
the wafels and dinges truck in nyc

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I want to leave New York City. You can spend your life waiting for these subways, and I have already. Not born here, not raised here, but enough, enough waiting says my Moon conjunct Pluto in Virgo (who wants it done yesterday) and my progressed Moon in Aries: speed it up, speed it up, speed it up, more more more more more.

But back to the topic of mastering or managing the Pluto impulse, the impulse to disturb, to destroy, to be willful, to wound, the killing side of Pluto: intensity, the overwhelm.

First you need to know when it shows up, and whether it’s showing up to birth or to death. Or both.

And it’s about figuring out what triggers you.

Find the house where your Pluto lives. Find the aspects. I know you know this. Consider this a reminder.

Do you aim your Pluto at yourself? Or at others? When and why. That’s the first matter.

The second matter is: what do you want to do with your Pluto. What CAN you do with it.

Pluto heals.

At the gym the other day, one of the trainers, my new buddy, said I looked different. He asked how I felt. Great, I said. I had just gotten off the treadmill. And I’m not running on the treadmill. I mountain climb. I incline. Wow what it does to my heart. It makes my heart flood. The other great thing about the treadmill is that you can cry on the treadmill. Really. Try it.

And he said, wise man that he is, You don’t see what I see. I don’t feel what you feel. There we were having a conversation about something… imperceptible.

The teacher finds the student, the student finds the teacher, and both are ready, and in unlikely places, like the gym, the land of metal machines, Fergie, and Rhianna.

Your Pluto, however it’s configured, is yours, traveling, spinning inside you, humping your leg, and I’m not talking so much about Pluto oppositions here because I do believe oppositions represent outside energy coming at you — I refer more to conjunctions, squares, inconjuncts. 

Or maybe your Pluto takes no crunchy aspects at all. Maybe it’s mostly alone in the house.

And I am feeling Pluto today as something wild, but not Uranian wild. More like… the way creativity is wild… oh damn this still sounds like Uranus. Oh well. I’ll have to come up with a different image…

Okay. Here’s one. I’m thinking of a horse, a wild horse, kicking, giving birth. That’s my Pluto image. And the result of course is a new pony in the barn, a Christmas image for the New Moon in Capricorn the day before Jupiter goes direct on Christmas Day and Jupiter Direct is this horse for you, a baby, your new life. And, yeah, it’s gonna trine Pluto. Taurus to Capricorn.

I’m sorry. This post is ALL over the place but I think that’s part of my charm lately.


Pluto rules pregnancy and Pluto is direct now and transiting Pluto is also your new life, new creation and in your natal it’s where you keep starting over.

Something else I was thinking on the train today: if you have a prominent Pluto, especially a 1st House Pluto and feel that everyone can see it and is staring at it… then smile. Smile from your heart, from your eyes. And this is truly a visualization; it’s more than just doing it mechanically. Be Pluto smiling and then the right people will fall in to you, into your depths which are warm and good like… well… good like a waffle. I swear I have not gone nuts it’s just these gourmet Waffle trucks in New York City have me obsessed and all metaphors right now lead back to the thick warm…

A prayer: Please God may this be the only blog ever that compares Pluto  to the Almighty Waffle.

wafels and dinges

To be continued… 

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