The Nails Are In: What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

"full moon in capricorn astrology" Yes, the nails are a reference to Christ-pose. Is this a bonafide yoga or energy pose? I don’t know but it should be.

What to do when you don’t know what to do can be quite simple, at first.

Ask yourself: am I tired? Am I hungry? Thirsty? Take care of bodily needs for optimum functioning.

And then most important of all: ask yourself in whom am I putting my trust.

When you find yourself not knowing what to do, you can assume a minute or two (or more) of Christ-pose, lie flat on floor, palms up. Does that feel right to you? Tell me why.

We are nearing the end of the packing process for the move. Only the details remain. Very Three of Pentacles right? Finishing touches. Moving is hell. Not so Three of Pentacles. I forget where I wrote about this — here or on Beliefnet, the very real emotional and physical stress and process of packing up a life. I spent hours shredding paper, including bank statements from 2000.

This evening I pulled three cards for myself, asking what I needed to know now: Ace of Swords, then Ace of Cups. Death in the middle. A gal on Facebook asked me if it was a progression… from Ace to Death to Ace. Honestly I’m not entirely sure. I give the middle card more weight although Ace of Cups mind is preferable 🙂


A few more words on the Full Moon in Capricorn:

I want you to ask yourself that question I posed above.

To me that is the foundational issue of any Full Moon in Capricorn — in whom do you put your trust?
Who do you allow yourself to rely on.
Are they strong enough for you? Are they bulletproof?
Saturn is STRONG. Saturn doesn’t break. It sits there like a stone tree. It doesn’t move. But slowly. Sometimes imperceptibly.

But the Moon (especially Full Moons) are your fluctuating emotions. It doesn’t make sense. See, Capricorn doesn’t want a flood. But here it comes. Will the levee break? I kinda don’t think so. I think we’ll all be stronger for this. Just what we wanted. More strength 😉

This Full Moon will show you who your Saturn is, who is stable, who you can count on. Simple as that. You’ll see their faces in your tears.

I want to go out into the night, into the woods. No woods around here. And howl at the moon. Can’t do it in Prospect Park. They’d have me arrested. What can I do in its place?

What do YOU need to do for this Full Moon?

Love, MP

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