The Mystical Warrior And Mars Retrograde In Virgo

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Do you have enough time in your day to slow down?

I knew this morning, upon waking, that I would remember to pray a little before beginning work. This is important to me. And it’s not about time. I do have the time. It’s about remembering to do it and actually stopping and actually doing it.

So I got up. I cleaned up some of the spilled cat food from the floor (yes, Virgo Moon here), changed the water in their water bowl (Cancer Sun here, yes I am the Mama of the house — well, my grey cat Kitty is actually the Mama of the house but I’m the human). Then I set the coffee to brew, another fine ritual, and then I sat on the floor and said the Morning Prayers in Hebrew, according to Jewish tradition, the tradition of my family.

Took less than a minute, I think. But it could have been an hour. It’s that kind of deep focus and it connects me to everyone, every soul who has ever said these prayers. That, my friends, is how it works.

Now one is really supposed to stand for these morning prayers but that’s another story — I adapt as I go. I don’t think the New Moon in Aquarius would mind.

Mars stations retrograde this evening (aroud 8pm, EST) and Saturn stations retrograde in early February and I want you to think about, meditate on what you have time for, what you make time for. Mars rules your energy and where you put it. Saturn rules time and work. With both of these dudes heading for the slow-down, your energy is going to shift — not necessarily a bad thing, but a thing all the same, energy you adjust to over the months.

There’s a beautiful tree outside my window. I could use Mars retrograde to really get to know this tree. Mars is in Virgo, an earth sign, and Virgo wants to know, wants the 411, information, and often for a purpose — how can I communicate with or know this tree.

Funny. I am writing these words while thinking where the heck did that come from? I usually don’t think about trees. But it’s this type of mystical awareness that I think you can expect from Mars retrograde i.e. it will be easier to… go inside and touch the Pisces part of Virgo which is the opposite of Virgo which is needed by Virgo — the ability to step inside something else and absorb what it has to tell. Surely this tree has a story.

Yeah, this Mars retrograde in Virgo is going to create an army (Mars) of mystical (Pisces) warriors (Mars) seeking knowledge (Virgo).

If you don’t find the time to stop, you’ll miss your life, you’ll miss creating your life, you’ll miss getting to know the tree and yes you can think of the tree as a metaphor.

So that’s today’s message: let the upcoming months of retrograde Mars and Saturn compel you towards self-inquiry but with a practical purpose. Virgo doesn’t want mysticism for its own sake. When Mars and Saturn go direct, you will apply what you’ve learned.

Happy New Moon to you! Plant those seeds, one by one by one."new moon in aquarius 2012"


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