The Mystery Of The Inconjunct (Part One)

Can a Cancer Sun find happiness with a Sagittarius Sun?

I’m an introvert. Needs solitude. Needs time and space to process feelings. Need acceptance of WHO I AM, especially these qualities. Can’t be around someone who wants to force me out of my shell on those “interior days” and gosh this sounds like a tampon commercial already doesn’t it but you know (I think) what I mean.

Can housewifey Cancer waterworks find happiness with Where’s the Party Sagittarius?

Well, first of all we must understand that charts and people are complex.

We must understand that it’s not just the SUN but the Moon and EVERYTHING ELSE and also how the charts interact with each other AND there are different types of relationship charts as well.

Sagittarius, a FIRE sign, is so expressive (a good thing) but it can overwhelm hiding Cancer.

Cancer can confuse Sagittarius because the love expression may be quiet/indirect and thus seem cold or aloof or not loving at all.

But wait, there’s more. Here’s one example: Sagittarius Sun trines Cancer’s fire Venus and understanding (and love) happens despite the differences.

Now I don’t want to talk about the technical side of this aspect/energy too much but more about how it feels: the keyword astrologers often use is “adjustment.”

Cancer and Sagittarius inconjunct i.e. NEEDS ADJUSTMENT.

Think of Gemini and Scorpio – another example. This is one of my fave examples.

Gemini is social and clever and witty and talkative and FUN and laughs easily and smiles and is rational and gives great advice and Scorpio is serious faced, brooding, intense but hiding the tender core, goes to extremes, deep thinking and feeling, and tells the painful truth and nothing but no matter who it hurts πŸ™‚

Imagine these two qualities in the same person. Pretty cool.

They aren’t opposites really but… facets.

If you have an inconjunct in your chart, you have to give time/room to both. See, my chart is not inconjunct heavy but filled with sextiles. I am quiet and shy (Cancer/Virgo) uniformly. I don’t struggle with feeding those needs. My struggle is to GET OUT OF MY SHELL. And there’s a lack of fire in my chart. I can RUT. Root and rut.

The inconjunct is like trying to fit one arm into two sleeves (is how I explained it to someone once).

So here I am with a Sagittarius in my life, FIRE that I need, even though it can be disconcerting — they are so damn… enthused.

It’s not bad BUT it is uncomfortable at times, although Cancers tend to be uncomfortable ANYWAY, wee little Crab people that we are πŸ™‚

What aspect do YOU prefer and WHY?Β 


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