The Mystery Of Prediction

"astrology readings in nyc"You know it’s funny. Not funny ha-ha but funny interesting. I know I’m human but there’s this weird thing about being a reader of charts and cards. Sometimes I’m right on. I received this email today:

You are amazing!!!! You have pointed out those important things going on in my life, pinpointed them exactly! Sometimes we need that, and I do, to affirm my thoughts and to help encourage me to push on, to keep trying. Thank you!

And then the same day I was doing an email reading for someone and I was seeing a 1st House/7th House transit for her (and other stuff too) and I kept thinking relationship relationship relationship and my mind immediately went to romantic. Now, this being an email reading, I started to build my email argument  with more detail and then when I got her email back it was a big aha moment because it wasn’t romance or marriage on her mind but a different sort of contact and contract (7th House) a possible business one.

So this is a Testimonial but also… a testament to the mystery of this process and how interpretation is an art and a skill and how the different mediums affect a reading.

I remember reading on another astrologer’s site about the trickiness of predictive work. She had predicted  (similar to me) some kind of intense romantic encounter but instead what had happened was, well, dental work with a handsome dentist.

What I did with that client though was go back to the chart and reframe. I feel it’s my duty!

Do you want to know the future before it happens? 

Love, MP

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