The Moon Is Void Of Course In Spooky Scorpio Now

"Jenna Jameson"
Moon in Scorpio: Jenna Jameson

Update: This post is late! Moon just went into Sagittarius. Read on anyway 🙂

I had a very Mars in Cancer day:  energy at home! I made good food. I didn’t leave the house. I ate. I drank my tea. I wrote 🙂 Venus is sextile my Sun as Saturn is squaring my Sun. Suddenly my heart drops as I imagine all the fast-movers taking up residence in my 2nd House, Libra. On the OTHER HAND though, speaking of Libra, other tenants, besides dear old Saturn, could be, yes, a good thing. Even though I’ll be taking more hits to my Cancer stellium, Sun and Venus hits ain’t so bad.

What about you? Are you enjoying all the Virgo energy? Will you prefer Libra Season?

The Moon is Void of Course in Scorpio now and next up is, you guessed it! Sagittarius, happy bouncy, loving, enthooooooosiastic Sagittarius. Ya know, if you need a cheerleader, if you need someone to say YAY! about whatever the hell you’ve done, then find yourself a Sadge. They want you to succeed!

Until then enjoy the Void of Course Moon, supposedly a favorable time for spiritual and/or routine matters.  I think a VOC Scorpio Moon is like double Scorpio, which sounds like an ice cream flavor, don’t you think? Yes, may I have a Double Scorpio. In a cone please. With sprinkles. And whipped cream. And nuts, too, yes. Thank you. You too. Have a good day.

The Moon in Scorpio may not be aspecting anything in the sky right now but she sure is sitting on my natal Neptune! And you? Is the Moon in Scorpio at 29 degrees aspecting YOU?


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