The Moon is Your Sweet Spot

Neptunetrinemoon’s comment on my blog post Sun vs. Moon inspired me. He was saying how he had come to realize how important his Moon is. And I was writing back to him: the moon shows where we are vulnerable, it’s our sweet spot.

And this also goes back to my theory about Venus vs Moon and what is most active when we fall in love and seek relationship. Dare I say it? The Moon is more important than ANYTHING else in  your chart. There. I said it 🙂 And yes, I am a Cancer Sun, which is of course how I can say such a thing which amounts, perhaps, to astrological blasphemy.

Why is it blasphemy? Because I am choosing this over that. I am saying one thing is more important than the other. In this day and age of relativism, I am taking sides. I side with the Moon. And I say this even though I prefer to identify with my Cancer Sun over my Virgo Moon any day. After all, Cancer Sun IS the Moon 🙂

The Sun is what you do. The Moon is how you feel about it.

The Sun is the cone and the Moon is the ice cream.

The Sun is your field and the Moon are the crops.

Your turn!

Note to self: moon pluto aspects are the destruction and the regeneration of the emotional life i.e. the moon

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