The Moon In Aquarius And Celia’s Law

"moon in aquarius"

1. Show up

2. Find your truth

3. Don’t get attached to results


I really got thrown for a loop this morning. I felt like the 10 of Swords. But any Tarot trooper knows that this card  is an End of a Cycle card. Nowhere to go but UP. Pull out the pins. Especially the self-inflicted ones.

And then I started thinking about Celia.

Celia was a therapist I had not long after my mother died, when I was in my 20s. She wrote a lot of cool stuff down for me and I have this piece of paper somewhere with those three statements up above, in her handwriting. I may have left something out. I may have gotten the order wrong. But I had a very Celia’s Law morning this morning.

I did show up. And eventually found my truth. I got REALLY attached to results. 2 outa 3?

I mis-perceived the results.


I called up my friend and he told me my expectations were too high, in other words I was being too hard on myself. I know he’s right. But I realized something else too – that the person I trusted to guide me, the reason I was so thrown for a loop this morning… this person may not be my guide.

Same with astrology. I may be the Reader for you. Or not.

And there was shame. A little Saturn, a little Pluto. I came out of my morning feeling ashamed. How dare I try was how I felt. And I don’t know if it was the synastry between him and me or if it was all me or all him or some combination.

I’m in the process of detatching under the Aquarius Moon but the point of this story is Celia’s Law: 1. show up 2. find your truth 3. don’t get attached to results.

The tricky part is that the truth is sometimes tricky. And that the guide you think is your guide may actually be your guide, but not for the reasons you originally thought.

Do you have teachers?


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