The Magic In The Mundane: Neptune In Pisces

"neptune in pisces"

Do you feel connected to the invisible? To spirit? To angels (yes, angels). To past lives? To your own intuition?

Neptune is now in Pisces and I’m focused on these things in a new way. Thinking hmmm maybe I should finish that Reiki certification and thinking hmmm what class can I teach? Meditation? Hmm

I am also pondering the magic (Neptune) in the mundane (not so Neptune)

Every task, every duty, every detail, every eyeball, every hurt feeling, every wait for the bus, every dirty diaper, every debt being filled with grace and light. Neptune in Pisces light.

Neptune is, by transit, conjunct my North Node in the 6th House: the magic of the mundane.

And I must write about it for you: natal Neptune in my 3rd House (writing) trine Mercury (writing) in the 11th House (YOU!) being trined by transiting Venus in Pisces. Am I high? Yep! But the drug is Neptune.

Please consider this high side of Neptune: the compassion of a Mother Theresa (a Virgo), the poetic leaps of an Einstein (a Pisces) and what to do if you don’t feel connected to anything larger than debt and dirty diapers?

What if you can’t find or feel the grace, which is your legacy as the fine fine human being that you are?

Here’s what you do. Sit still. Get quiet. Being stuck on the subway helps because you have nowhere to go 😉 notice the energies around you, observe them but don’t absorb them. It’s not daydreaming and it’s not zoning out and it’s not getting lost in  your own thoughts. It’s above your mind. Above and beyond i.e. NEPTUNE. Above and beyond AND YET paying attention, paying soft attention to the hum, to the light you see and feel around people’s faces and bodies and the softness of the light coming to meet you as you step away from the train and the platform, and up the steps, and out into the night.


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