The Liberation Of MoonPluto (+ Tarot For You)

"new moon in taurus" If you’ve been keeping up with the blogs, then you know I’ve been talking about liberation and transformation. 

As I type here I feel super sleepy (didn’t sleep well last night + medication side effect) but I had a GREAT visit with my nurse-midwife and now I, we, have a PLAN. Something I didn’t have before.

I look forward to… getting back up to speed. I’ve started doing readings again and am in process of rescheduling people I had to delay and…

THANK YOU kind people for all your sweet words and inquiries and support during my slowed down schedule of April. Thank you. Thank you for understanding when I couldn’t tend to you because I had to tend to me. 

This work I do is caregiving. It’s the old airplane thing. If I don’t put on my oxygen mask first, I can’t help you with yours.

And maybe being sleepy isn’t such a bad thing. I don’t mean sleepy all the time or dysfunctional sleepy but sleepy in the sense of… sleeping more. More breaks. More naps. More slowing down. Interestingly enough my work got BUSIER while I was not well. I had to reschedule people sometimes, but the work flowed in.

Another side effect to not being well: I appreciate LIFE so much more now. I am a “little thing” kind of person anyway. Virgo Moon. Taking pleasure in the little things. And even more now. Binge-watching a favorite t.v. show. Ordering in delicious Indian food. Time with the cats. Talking to friends. Pleasure. Basics. Stripped down. Because I felt so horrible. Every prayer was a prayer for relief. Virgo Moon happy to be back to work 🙂

"moon trine mars"MoonPluto’s Liberation Tarot Spread

Card One: who you were…
Card Two: who you are…
Card Three: who you are becoming…

Card Four: release this
Card Five: keep this
Card Six: increase this

Card Seven: your true self, the culmination of all your experience thus far & the result of all your personal growth and spiritual practice and life journey and angels and demons & WHY YOU ARE HERE YOUR DIVINE LIFE PURPOSE (yes I’m going there)


Please feel free to share your Tarot in the comments xo

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