The Levee: New Moon In Capricorn

The impenetrable Wall of Faith. That’s what I call it. Even though “wall” isn’t the right word.

I have a Virgo Moon conjunct Pluto sextile Mercury Mars. I want the right word!

Impenetrable is key. No matter how afraid you are. You can be afraid. But don’t let any doubt in.

Build this wall (maybe it is the right word!) as high as you can. A real wall. A real wall built on… faith. Does this sound like a contradiction? How something so supposedly flimsy, something you can’t touch, be that strong…

Well? What would you suggest? 😉

If you have a problem with fear, if you have a problem with anxiety, if you have a problem with worst case scenario thinking, if you have a problem with terror, if you have a problem with OH NO. You too can build an impenetrable wall of faith. IWF for those who like acronyms 🙂

And this topic is on my mind because.. why else? Because of all the planets in Capricorn right now. And how earth sign Capricorn sextiles Pisces (faith) and Scorpio (healing). And it opposes Cancer but that’s another story 😉

Did you know that Saturn rules pyramids? Saturn rules mortar. And levees. Saturn puts it together, keeps it together. Saturn rules structure but also rules depression.

With Saturn in charge, you can have an impenetrable wall of ANYTHING. What do you want it to be?

Have you set your New Moon intention? 


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