The Latest From MoonPlutoLand (Personally)

"uranus square sun" Dear Readers,

I’m actually a little surprised, how well I’ve adjusted to my new surroundings. It just goes to show — which I already know — how right the decision was and is — even though this part is temporary…

The transits bring us huge fated changes when we become so stuck and scared and crystallized and —

When things fall apart what do you do? What do you do? Or maybe YOUR life doesn’t fall apart? I know people like this. It stays the same.

Life took me. And THEN I had to do. But life took me.

There were warnings yes but then I got forced out, once again, as I’ve gotten forced out of every NYC apartment I’ve ever lived in.

I don’t really have words yet for everything that’s happened —
Except that…

They know me at the restaurant. My eggs over-well and my corn cake. Decaf or half caff. Sometimes orange juice. And maybe one of these days I’ll go for lunch instead of breakfast.

The good strong women of rural Ohio are here to help.

I hope this letter finds you well.