The Journey Is The Path Is The Way Is The North Node

I love working with and thinking about the Nodes and how our North Node can be a difficult albeit necessary place to reach. And is like a puzzle. You look to the sign, you look to the house, you look to the aspects: how does it all fit together? Who are you? Who are you meant to be? The Nodes can help you answer this.Β 

"North Node"
The Traveler Sets Out

When I learned that my North Node was in Pisces, I went on a research-binge, learning everything I could about Pisces, about how to be Pisces. See, my lessons, in this lifetime, are about distance from the Virgo and about getting closer to the fish. Not to abandon Virgo, because I need Virgo, need to do the high side of Virgo, but… I am moving towards this other… animal.

And I used to think that the North Node was a little like Saturn i.e. a point of difficulty or challenge or fear or work but now I see it lighter, in motion, traveling traveling traveling because the road is the way is the journey is the destination is the process is the… North Node, always in action in your life. The Nodes have to do with our responses. Do we go the way of the South? Or the way of the North?

Do you think about your North Node and how to get there? I think this spot in the chart can begin to unlock the locked, the locked up. When you feel caught, stuck, fixed, habitual, exhausted… look at your chart, print it out, look at the funny little Nodal glyph and… enter it. It’s a whole new world πŸ™‚

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