The Impossible: Stories For Sagittarius Season

"new moon in sagittarius" I caught myself. Just now.

I was priding myself on doing the impossible.

I was saying something to this effect in one of the chat rooms recently “I have done the impossible!!!!”

With some pride bravado AND truth.

I just finished exercising and was about to run a bath for myself when I heard this thought in my head:

Why don’t try to do something a little easier?? Instead of THE IMPOSSIBLE? (As though I had a choice. Do I?)

Making life difficult for yourself.

I don’t think we TRY to do this.

Although a palm reader once told me that I did, my soul did. And an astrologer once told me that my soul chose Agony & Ecstasy (in regards to my love life).

I want a simple life.



A simple life.

"new moon in sagittarius" To do my work and be… surrounded by loved ones, human and animal. To make a good living at what I do. To make art and have it be appreciated. To stay in good health. To have holidays and birthdays and a minimum of suffering.

Too much to ask, Heavenly Father?

And I was about to draw my bath thinking about the impossible and the New Moon in Sagittarius.

I use this example a lot: the highest vibration of Sag, for me, is… my old friend Esther seeing in me what no one else saw. Seeing sooooooo clearly into me. She saw what everyone else thought was impossible. She saw past it. (Her Scorpio Rising probably helped.)

So let’s learn to do this for ourselves. See what no one else can see. See what we’re afraid to see. All we are. And not stay fixed in these little roles, little rooms that others/family of origin/the culture/family/ourselves keep us trapped in. Let’s go beyond this impossible. There is more for us.

Your thoughts?

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