The House Of Practical Magic: The Sixth House

So we have been talking about the Houses in one of the chat rooms (and YES you can still join us) and started on the Sixth House (with a quick detour to the 12th) and a gal in there mentioned how she loves reading esoteric health texts. She finds it relaxing.

Her Aquarius Moon is in this house (mine is empty of planets) — but I have a ton of Virgo energy and I agreed!

Books about… theories of acupuncture, Edgar Cayce remedies, “weird” diets, essential oils, green witchery, supplements and vitamins, all manner of health and healing with wheatgrass and chanting and… I wrote in there: THE HOUSE OF PRACTICAL MAGIC.

The Sixth House, you may not realize, is also a house of transformation but transformation of the MATERIAL i.e. our bodies, our daily work, and routines.

Remember I was talking about Virgo and perfection the other day? Similar idea here but without the negative slant. Sixth House people need to get INTO the body in ways that, well, others simply can’t. Or aren’t interested.

And here’s a warning for Sixth House people in denial 😉 THE MIND BODY CONNECTION IS UNDENIABLE. They work together, for better or worse. Take care of both, and you’ll be fine.

Love, MP


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